A.live started to fill a gap in the industry.  A gap of passionless trainers, a lack of community, and a lack of knowledge. 
Our founder Andrew, noticed and it is the reason why he never wanted to turn his passion into a profession was because he saw so many trainers start off with so much enthusiasm but always lacked endurance.  They would show up but would lack presence in their sessions with their clients, who are coming to them for help, for encouragement and direction but never received it.

So the idea of A.live was born and created to create a community that is rooted in unity, openness and encouragement.  A place where you are welcomed and want to come to. A place where you can be yourself and know that you are accepted as you pursue growth and development. 

A community of passionate coaches who have endurance, vision and Purpose for why they do what it is they do.  
Andrew Ao never wanted to take his passion and turn it into a career but there was a natural pull that he couldn't fight anymore.  Fitness has always been a consistent foundation that has helped Andrew through some of the toughest times in his life, when it should have taken him out, fitness helped him develop resilience, strength, and Awakened his potential to overcome.  As most go into it with a physical goal, he just enjoyed the journey and the process of training.  He realized that it helped him become a better person, someone of value and good character.  It gave him a fresh perspective, a second lease on life and it awakened a passion to share that with the rest of the world.  

His mission is to help end the silent suffering of the world, by using fitness as a vehicle to help Awaken the potential each one of us have within.

"If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm"

He had a vision to restore health and wellness in the fitness industry.  By creating a community that will be an example of what it truly looks like to live healthy and whole.